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Our Core Value

Hello from John at UAV Inspection,

This is our second blog, and I wanted to talk about our core value – Integrity. Just a single word, but for us at UAV Inspection it has meaning on a few different levels.

The first level is a personal one. We come from an inspection background in the oil and gas industry. We carry out work on equipment which contains oil and gas products which can be very hazardous to both people and the environment.

When we find an issue, it is our responsibility to report this issue. This may mean that it follows a general reporting process with the outcome of increased inspection to monitor the issue. It may also mean that we need to immediately shut down the plant for the safety of human life and to ensure there are no spills. It is we as the inspectors who must take the necessary steps, without external influence.

The second level is a corporate level. If we put forward a quote to a client, we will carry out the project to the terms of the quote. Sometimes this means running at a commercial loss (but hopefully this is a rare occurrence), but we honour the terms of the quotation. If we tell a client that we can deliver the project to the requested quality or specification, we can deliver. If the project is outside of our current capabilities, we can either bring in the needed specialists or up-skill our team. We will always strive to assist clients to get their project completed, and if the project is outside of our capability, we will assist the client to find the right team.

Lastly, we are in the business of asset integrity management. That’s the integrity of your assets. We are here to help you keep your plant and project running safely, whether that is a medium sized solar energy installation on a shopping center or a multi-billion-dollar refinery complex. Every project is given the same attention to ensure the integrity of your asset.

Do you have an asset with an integrity concern? Contact us and we can talk about your needs, and how we can help you.

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