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Our very first blog post,

Hello from UAV Inspection! This is John Woodman, co-founder, and director of UAV Inspection.

Who are we, you may ask? Yet another drone company? Well, yes and no… Our founders come from a background of inspection in the offshore and upstream oil and gas industry. We hold multiple certifications from the American Petroleum Institute. Our experience is in the integrity assurance and asset management of pressure vessels, piping, and above ground storage tanks.

Sounds a bit jargony, doesn’t it? What that means is that we inspect pressurized equipment and find problems before they become big problems, such as oil spills, fire, explosions, and other such catastrophes. We then work with other departments to plan and monitor repairs and monitor the equipment after repair to ensure the problem does not repeat.

These are the skills that we bring to UAV Inspection, and its why we chose the name. We are inspectors, and drones are one of our tools.

All that being said, yes, we are a drone operator.

We can offer a range of services using drones. Starting from simple photography to photogrammetry and 3D modelling. Mapping of small or large areas for planning and monitoring, and corridor mapping for roads, powerlines, and pipelines. Thermal and infrared inspection of solar power panels, powerlines, pipelines for leak detection, and waterproofing on buildings.

If you’re wondering “How can drones help me?”, use the contact links in site footer, book a short meeting with us and we can find out!

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